SEL 101: Getting started with social emotional learning  


Learn the basics of social emotional learning with this free guide to unlock improved behavioural, academic and wellbeing outcomes for your school.


Have you ever questioned the behaviour management system at your school? Students behave badly, reactively receive a detention or other punishment and then keep repeating the same kind of bad behaviour. Social emotional learning or SEL is a way to break this destructive cycle because it actually teaches students how to behave better as well as improving academic performance, teacher retention, mental health and much more.


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What is SEL?

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a process through which students learn to manage their emotions, set goals, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

SEL is increasingly being recognised as an essential component of education, and for good reason, with benefits including reduced negative behaviour, increased academic success and better mental health.

It’s not a separate subject, but more of a holistic approach to learning that is integrated into all aspects of a student's education.

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What do you get in SEL 101?

  • What SEL is and why it’s important for schools
  • The benefits of SEL
  • Key statistics on behaviour and the link to SEL
  • An overview of proactive vs reactive behaviour management
  • A deep dive into the CASEL competencies 

  • Tips for introducing SEL in the classroom 

Who is this guide for?

  • Behaviour Managers looking for a proactive solution to the cycle of misbehaviour
  • Senior Leaders looking to improve teacher retention and strengthen their school community
  • SENDCos and Pastoral Leads looking for a holistic approach towards everyday student challenges
  • Wellbeing Officers looking to proactively improve staff and student wellbeing
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