The Complete Guide To Behaviour Management



Learn more about behaviour in UK schools, find out about different kinds of behaviour management and create or review your school’s behaviour policy.



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Behaviour management is a pillar of all schools, making all the difference between a positive school environment and a negative one. An important part of your Ofsted inspection, lowering misbehaviour improves student safety, wellbeing, mental health, academic performance and more, making it crucial to the success of your school. 

Download The Complete Guide To Behaviour Management if you’re looking to make a difference in your school or classroom and need somewhere concrete to start. 

Behaviour Guide
behaviour management guide

What do you get in The Complete Guide To Behaviour Management?

  • Key statistics on behaviour, with a focus on suspensions, exclusions and low level classroom disruption
  • The benefits of effective behaviour management
  • The differences between low level and serious disruption

  • Proactive vs reactive behaviour management
  • The benefits of proactive behaviour management
  • Tips and tools for reactive behaviour management

  • The benefits of an effective behaviour policy
  • Checklist guide for creating a behaviour policy
  • Reflecting on your behaviour policy to boost effectiveness 

Who is this guide for?

  • Behaviour Managers looking for solutions to the cycle of misbehaviour
  • Senior Leaders looking to improve teacher retention, improve behaviour management and strengthen their school community
  • Classroom Teachers looking for ways to reduce low level disruption and improve their classroom environment



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