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Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

What Sets Satchel Pulse Apart

Join us as we explore the Satchel Pulse SEL tool, new product features, improvements, and why schools love our products.

Case Study | Social Emotional Learning

"Satchel Pulse is very easy to implement"

How did our SEL Solution help Niles Middle School with clear SEL insights and great support?

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

Teaching Anxious Learners

Do you work with students who struggle with anxiety? Learn strategies and solutions for teaching anxious learners.

Resource Pack | Social Emotional Learning

Appreciating Diversity Resource Pack

A poster, activity, and worksheet to help young learners learn to appreciate diversity and celebrate uniqueness.

Poster | Social Emotional Learning

Wash Away Your Worries Waterfall

This waterfall helps young learners to overcome their worries and anxious thoughts.

Case Study | Survey Builder

"Pulse is the voice for the students"

How did Survey Builder help Toksook Bay School of Alaska's Lower Kuskokwim School District?

Poster | Social Emotional Learning

Friendship poster for classrooms

'How To Be A Good Friend' classroom poster for younger learners to develop relationship skills.

Poster | Social Emotional Learning

School checklist for students

Two checklists for Elementary and Middle school students to develop self-management skills.

Case Study | Social Emotional Learning

"You easily analyze results for us"

How did Hillsboro School District benefit from Satchel Pulse's SEL interventions and content library?

Resource Pack | Culture & Climate

EdWeek Webinar Resources

Resources for 'Building a Safe & Supportive School Environment: How Culture & Climate Impacts SEL'.

Webinar | Culture & Climate

EdWeek: Safe Schools & SEL

Panelists discuss  'Building a Safe & Supportive School Environment: How Culture & Climate Impacts SEL'.

Poster | Social Emotional Learning

Emotion Wheels for Young Learners

Three emotion wheels for learners of all ages to improve their emotional intelligence.

Guide | Social Emotional Learning

Targeted SEL for your Classroom

How SEL can help ACEs, redirect misbehavior, and help get students as future-ready as possible.

Resource Pack | Social Emotional Learning

EdWeek: Start Strong Resources

Resources for 'Start Strong With Solid SEL Implementation: Success Strategies for the New School Year'.

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

EdWeek: Start Strong with SEL

Panelists discuss 'Start Strong With Solid SEL Implementation: Success Strategies for the New School Year'.

Guide | School Community

Feedback in the School Community

Communication, engagement, and feedback are critical for enhancing and nurturing a strong school community.

Poster | Social Emotional Learning

SEL Summer Bingo


Three summertime bingo cards for students to practice their SEL skills over the summer break.

Infographic | School Community

Communication from schools

Here are some tips for districts looking to improve communication with the families in their district.

Presentation | Social Emotional Learning

SEL Customizable Presentation

Download this customizable presentation to make the case for SEL to your district leaders.

Guide | Social Emotional Learning

An SEL Guide for Counselors

This guide aims to highlight how school counselors can benefit from SEL and strategies they can use to implement it.

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

EdWeb: Powerful SEL Strategies

Panelists discuss 'Powerful strategies for embedding SEL across the curriculum' in this EdWeb webinar.

Guide | Social Emotional Learning

An SEL Guide for Educators

This guide aims to help educators implement SEL in their classrooms and ease any concerns they have.

Guide | Social Emotional Learning

Leader support for educators

This guide aims to help district leaders support educators when implementing SEL.

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

SEL and Student Mental Wellbeing

SEL expert R. Keeth Matheny joins us to discuss student mental wellbeing and SEL.

Case Study | Social Emotional Learning

"You are groundbreakers"

How did Dodge County Schools use Satchel Pulse's SEL assessments and interventions to support their students?

Poster | Social Emotional Learning

Embedding SEL across the curriculum

Download this social emotional learning assessment handout to assess your students' SEL skills.

Infographic | School Feedback

Improving Community Engagement

Download this infographic to learn about why school community engagement is important and how to attain it.

Infographic | Social Emotional Learning

Supporting and implementing SEL

Download this infographic series to learn more about supporting and implementing SEL in your school district.

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

SEL & School Culture with Empathy

Watch this webinar focused on how empathy can shift SEL, school culture and climate with guest speaker Lisa Westman.

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning and Equity

This webinar looks at strategies for examining current resources as well as ways that SEL promotes student voice.

Research Paper | Social Emotional Learning

Research-Based SEL with Satchel Pulse

A report by Johns Hopkins University on how Satchel Pulse helps to identify students that need SEL support.

Webinar | Culture, Climate and Equity

Success with Culture, Climate, & Equity

This webinar is focused on how leaders can build a culture in their schools that supports feedback and improvement. 

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

Integrating SEL into School Systems

How schools can leverage current systems to create a sustainable SEL culture.

Guide | Social Emotional Learning

Promote reflection in schools and districts

5 activities to reflect during challenging experiences, accidental learning & ways to strengthen relationships.

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

Reflecting on the 2020-2021 School Year

Strategies to guide staff through the reflection process & apply new learnings in the new school year.

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

Strengthening CASEL Competencies

Opportunities to review, reflect, and evaluate the 5 core CASEL competencies to create a plan for the future.

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

Monitoring SEL Competence

The importance of developing students' SEL competencies & how to make it happen in a school or district. 

Guide | Social Emotional Learning

Encourage SEL with CASEL

An easy guide to encourage SEL by practicing all the competencies of the CASEL framework. 

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

SEL & Life Readiness - In a New School Year

Education & SEL experts discuss how to ensure students are cognitively engaged in the new school year.

Case Study | Culture & Climate

“The payoff was worth the investment”

How did Hickman Mills C-1 School District's reduce their teacher turnover rate using Satchel Pulse?

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

SEL: Moving from Isolated to Embedded

Learn how to move your school/district’s SEL from an isolated event to an embedded strategy.

Presentation | Social Emotional Learning

SEL: Moving from Isolated to Embedded

The presentation for the associated webinar on moving SEL from an isolated event to an embedded strategy.

Guide | Social Emotional Learning

SEL Screening Supports

Download this guide and learn how to support screening students’ SEL skills with ease. 

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

Build Equity via Relationships

Hear about building equity through meaningful relationships between teachers, students, and families. 

Infographic | Teacher Wellbeing

The State of US Teacher Wellbeing

Find out the key statistics and figures relating to teachers' mental health and their importance. 

Case Study | Culture & Climate

“You really listened to our needs”

How did Dawson County School District improve culture and climate & support their staff with Satchel Pulse?

Presentation | Social Emotional Learning

What Factors Affect SEL?

The factors that affect SEL, where they come from, their levels, and how to improve.                                                

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

SEL: What Difference Will It Make?

Learn the measurable impacts of systemic SEL initiatives & how to monitor critical SEL skills.

Presentation | Social Emotional Learning

ACEs - Adverse Childhood Experiences

The definition of ACEs & what an educator can do to minimize their impact on students.                                    

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

Equity in Social and Emotional Learning

Equity in SEL & practical strategies for supporting the SEL needs of all students with guest speaker Dr. Byron McClure.

Series | Social Emotional Learning

SEL Series - The 5 CASEL Competencies

The definitions of all 5 CASEL competencies, what they look like, and how to promote them in the classroom.                              

Webinar | Social Emotional Learning

Suicide Prevention During COVID-19

COVID-19 exacerbated student mental health problems facing district leaders (with guest speaker Rich Lieberman).

Webinar | Culture & Climate

Make your Culture and Climate Data Count

How to use your culture and climate data to make the right decisions and how to develop effective improvement plans.

Presentation | Culture & Climate

Make your Culture and Climate Data Count

The presentation for the associated webinar on using culture & climate data for effective improvement plans.

Infographic | Student Wellbeing

The State of Student Wellbeing in the USA

Key statistics and figures relating to students' mental health in the USA and their importance.

Guide | Teacher Wellbeing

Managing Anxiety Around COVID-19

Tips for staff and the entire school community to ease the stress and anxiety felt about the COVD-19 pandemic.

Report | Culture & Climate

The Importance of Staff Feedback

How HR leaders can collect feedback from their staff, how often, with what tools, and why this is important.

Infographic | Teacher Wellbeing

Improving Teacher Wellbeing

Different ways teachers can improve wellbeing through praise, being mindful, and more.

Webinar | Culture & Climate

How to Choose Culture and Climate Measures

How to select culture & climate measures to give your district actionable insights & drive school improvement.

Presentation | Culture & Climate

How to Choose Culture and Climate Measures

The presentation for the associated webinar on culture and climate measures to drive school improvement.

Poster | Teacher Wellbeing

4 Tips for Improving Teacher Wellbeing

4 inexpensive, easy & practical ways that schools/districts can improve wellbeing.


Webinar | Culture & Climate

Why Staff Culture and Climate Matters

The importance of managing staff culture and climate & the benefits of positive school culture. 

Presentation | Culture & Climate

Why Staff Culture and Climate Matters

The presentation for the associated webinar on managing & the benefits of staff culture & climate.

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Integrating SEL into MTSS to Support The Whole Child

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