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Dealing with pupil misbehaviour? Ready to improve Ofsted compliance? Elevate your school environment with Skills – our primary school SEL tool. Equip students for academic success and beyond.


Evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation’s (EEF) Teaching and Learning Toolkit suggests that effective SEL can lead to learning gains of +4 months over the course of a year. We’ve created a summary of this EEF report that you can read here

The behaviour and attitudes judgement in the Ofsted framework considers how leaders and staff create a safe, calm, orderly and positive environment in the school, and the impact this has on the behaviour and attitudes of pupils.


Elevate your Ofsted ratings

  • Cultivate a positive primary school culture Open or Close

    Skills empowers you to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where pupils feel safe, valued and motivated to learn. This directly aligns with Ofsted's focus on personal development, behaviour and welfare.

  • Evidence-based impact Open or Close

    Showcase your commitment to providing holistic education by demonstrating the tangible improvements in pupil wellbeing, emotional intelligence and social awareness that Skills brings.

Tackle poor pupil behaviour

  • Preventative approach Open or Close

    Skills equips teachers and staff with a comprehensive toolkit to improve their emotional regulation, conflict resolution and empathy when dealing with pupils. By proactively addressing behavioural challenges, you reduce disruptions and create a more effective learning atmosphere.

  • Customised SEL interventions Open or Close

    Identify at-risk pupils and implement tailored interventions to support their emotional needs. Skills gives you data-driven insights and targeted strategies for behaviour improvement.

Did you know that 62% of teachers have considered leaving their jobs due to poor pupil behaviour?

Learn more about the impact of negative behaviour on classroom learning, parent satisfaction and staff wellbeing in schools.

Introducing Skills


Your complete social emotional learning solution.

Here are some of the key ways that Skills can support your pupils, now and into the future:

holistic learning - skills

Apply holistic learning approaches

Foster emotional intelligence, resilience and self-awareness in pupils, setting the foundation for positive pupil behaviour in the classroom and beyond.

friendship skills

Reduce pupil misbehaviour

Our SEL resources promote positive, responsible behaviour and help decrease the frequency of negative behaviour incidents.

teamwork skills

Enjoy an engaging curriculum

Integrate social emotional learning into your curriculum, empowering educators to teach vital life skills while covering academic subjects.

together skills

Empower your teachers

Equip your educators with resources to integrate SEL practices into their classrooms. All resources are aligned to the core CASEL competencies.

data - skills

Use real-time analytics

Make informed data-driven decisions with real-time analytics on pupil progress, behaviour trends, and intervention effectiveness.

mental health - skills

Improve mental health

SEL improves pupils' mental health by teaching them skills like stress management, self awareness and relationship building.

High expectations for behaviour and attitudes should include the development of core values such as respect for self and others, resilience and motivation to succeed.


Join the Skills revolution today


Transform your primary school  by nurturing emotional intelligence, promoting positive behaviour and excelling in Ofsted inspections.

Unlock the potential of Skills. Unlock the potential of your school.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a process through which students learn to manage their emotions, set goals, establish positive relationships and make responsible decisions. SEL is increasingly being recognised as an essential component of education, and for good reason, with benefits including reduced negative behaviour, academic success and better mental health. 

Learn more about what is SEL here.

What is Skills and how does it work?

Skills is a comprehensive social emotional learning (SEL) tool designed to empower primary schools to nurture emotional intelligence, promote positive behaviour and improve overall school culture. It provides a range of resources which include engaging curriculum content, pupil data insights and quick and easy surveys, to seamlessly integrate SEL into your school.

How can Skills help improve our Ofsted rating?

Skills aligns with Ofsted's emphasis on personal development, behaviour and welfare. By implementing social emotional learning practices, you can create a positive school culture that supports pupils' emotional growth, ultimately reflecting positively on Ofsted evaluations. 

How does Skills address poor pupil behaviour?

Skills takes a proactive approach to behaviour management. By teaching pupils emotional regulation, conflict resolution and empathy, you equip them with essential skills to navigate challenges. With data-driven insights, you can identify at-risk pupils and implement personalised interventions, creating a more effective learning environment.

Can Skills be integrated into our current curriculum?

Absolutely. Skills is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing curriculum. It provides teachers with resources that align with various subjects and learning objectives, allowing them to incorporate SEL while covering academic content.

How does Skills support teacher professional development?

Skills offers comprehensive resources to empower educators in effectively integrating SEL practices into their classrooms from workshops to lesson plans and continuous support, teachers gain the knowledge and tools to create an emotionally supportive learning environment.

Did you know that 62% of teachers have considered leaving their jobs due to poor pupil behaviour? Learn more about the impact of negative behaviour on classroom learning, parent satisfaction and staff wellbeing in schools.

What kind of data insights does Skills provide?

Skills offers real-time analytics on pupil progress, behaviour trends and the effectiveness of interventions. This data helps you make informed decisions and adjust strategies as needed, ensuring sustained improvements in behaviour and emotional wellbeing.

What long term impact can we expect from Skills?

Skills aims for lasting change in both pupil behaviour and school culture. By nurturing emotional intelligence and promoting positive behaviour, your school can establish a legacy of empathy and understanding that extends beyond immediate challenges.

Discover 5 key benefits of social emotional learning in schools here.

Did you know that 62% of teachers have considered leaving their jobs due to poor pupil behaviour? Learn more about the impact of negative behaviour on classroom learning, parent satisfaction and staff wellbeing in schools.

Is Skills suitable for all primary schools?

Yes, Skills is designed to adapt to a variety of primary school settings. Whether you're an urban or rural school, have a diverse pupil population or varying educational needs, Skills can be tailored to suit your unique needs.

How can we get started with Skills?

Getting started with Skills is easy. Reach out to our team to schedule a demonstration and learn how our social emotional learning solution can transform your primary school. Our experts will guide you through the implementation process so you can start with confidence