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Back to school can be daunting as you race to get to know a new group of incoming students. It’s far more than just their names and faces, it’s how they learn, act, feel and interact with others. That’s where our free resources can help.

Get instant access to 6 weeks of engaging SEL lessons and a range of useful survey questions to help you start the school year right.


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Survey questions to help you get to know your students

Use our expert-created survey questions to gain valuable insights into your students’ levels of self awareness, self management, relationship skills, social awareness and responsible decision-making.

Classroom-ready lessons that teach core skills 

Enjoy a full half term of ready-to-teach lessons that will help your students develop vital skills. Here are the lessons you can expect: 

communication skills

Lesson 1

Clear communication

Build your students’ relationship skills as you demonstrate the value of clear communication.

goals skills

Lesson 2

Types of goals

Teach key goal setting skills and the difference between short and long term goals.

teamwork skills

Lesson 3

Importance of teamwork

Learn about the benefits of working in a team to encourage student collaboration.

together skills

Lesson 4

Great together

Further explore the idea of teamwork and the different types of roles that make up a team.

friendship skills

Lesson 5

Being good friends

Encourage positive peer relationships by discussing the meaning and value of friendship.

organisation skills

Lesson 6

Freedom from chaos

Help your students create good organisational habits that will help them for life.

What is SEL?

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a process through which students learn to manage their emotions, set goals, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

SEL is increasingly being recognised as an essential component of education, and for good reason, with benefits including reduced negative behaviour, increased academic success and better mental health.

It’s not a separate subject, but more of a holistic approach to learning that is integrated into all aspects of a student's education.


The benefits of SEL

Manage negative behaviour

The reactive behavioural system that’s currently in place at most schools encourages repeat offences, wastes time and doesn’t address the root causes of bad behaviour. SEL teaches students how to actually behave better, a solution for the underlying problem.

Improve academic performance

Equip your students with the emotional management, communication and collaboration skills that lead to increased academic success. Studies have shown that SEL improves academic performance across all subjects and year groups.

Increase student social skills

SEL nurtures a student’s emotional intelligence as a way to improve their social skills, helping them develop positive, meaningful relationships with their peers, teachers and families.

Enhance wellbeing and mental health

Students who have the skills to manage their emotions and cope with stress are less likely to experience anxiety, depression and other mental health or wellbeing issues.

Boost life outcomes

Students who have strong social emotional skills are more likely to attend university, seek out apprenticeships and have successful careers. They are also more likely to have healthy relationships and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

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How Skills makes a difference

Skills by Satchel Pulse makes harnessing the power of SEL so much easier, with expert support recommendations, automatic intervention planning and heaps of targeted lessons that are ready to use instantly. 

Let us do the legwork for you and use the time and energy you save to make real change! 

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