Understanding Trauma-Informed Practices in Education


 Create a safe classroom environment that acknowledges the effects of trauma

Learn more about becoming trauma-informed in our upcoming webinar, designed to teach you the fundamentals along with actionable strategies for your classroom. In collaboration with Safeguarding First, this free session is open to anyone looking for an introduction to trauma-informed practices. 

We’ll be joined by Lucy McCollum, expert in trauma-informed practice and Founder of Safeguarding First, as we learn how to create classrooms that prioritise safety, understanding and the wellbeing of all students.

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Lucy McCollum Expert webinar
Lucy McCollum
Lucy McCollum is a teacher with over 10 years experience working in the education and health sectors, specialising in student support and behaviour management. She currently works with children in an intensive mental-health care setting with a strong focus on safeguarding.
Safeguarding First Charity Logo
Safeguarding First
Safeguarding First is a charity run by survivors of childhood abuse, dedicated to providing low cost or free safeguarding training to those who volunteer with children and young people. We know what it costs when the system doesn't protect you and our goal is creating safe environments.
Speaker_Jon Tiss
Jon Tiss
Jon Tiss is Satchel’s Co-Founder and Director of Sales. Over his 12 years at Satchel, Jon has worked with 1000s of schools across the UK and internationally, including helping Senior Leaders implement effective behaviour management programmes and ensure the future success of their students.
In this webinar we will: 
  • Learn about the fundamentals of trauma-informed practice, including what it is and why it’s important
  • Discover practical tips for engaging with trauma in the classroom and creating a supportive environment that supports students affected by trauma
  • Consider the importance of the language we use when addressing trauma
Who is this webinar for?
  • Educators seeking to implement trauma-informed practices in their classrooms
  • School leaders interested in promoting a trauma-informed school culture
  • Counsellors and support staff who engage with students experiencing trauma

SEL, Skills and Improving Student Outcomes

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a process that helps students develop essential life skills like emotional management, healthy relationship building and responsible decision making.

Research has shown that the numerous benefits of incorporating SEL into the classroom include improved behaviour, academic performance and mental health, making SEL the best way to achieve a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Satchel Pulse’s Skills solution uses the power of SEL to help you get to the root of student issues and understand what your students need to thrive, in the classroom and far beyond.
Skills also works alongside any existing character education initiatives to track and monitor student character building. 

Explore Skills

the pillars of social emotional learning

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