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SEL & Student Trauma


As an educator, you have students who have experienced trauma. In order to create a rich learning environment, it is critical to have well researched strategies that can be used in the classroom to support all students. 

Watch this webinar to hear from experienced SEL leader, Dr. Kimberly Parrott, as we explore response strategies that support, guide, and benefit all students. 

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Our speakers

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Kimberly D. Parrott, Ed.D.

Dr. Parrott has extensive experience as a senior leader in Social Emotional Learning and various Principal roles. Additionally, Dr. Parrott has a demonstrated history of working with Program Development, Professional Leadership Coaching, and Professional Learning Development, and is a professionally trained mediator with a Graduate Certificate from ACU.


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Ashley Shannon

Ashley is an education specialist with over 15 years of teaching experience including music, general education, and students with significant support needs. Her passion for holistic education was at the forefront of her teaching practices and she now gets to share her love of all things SEL with Satchel Pulse.


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Our mission is to empower educators, learners, and parents with the best tools and services they need to get the most out of their journeys through K-12 education. We work with school districts to get the accurate data they need in order to monitor and improve their Social Emotional Learning and Culture and Climate.
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