Social and Emotional Learning: Moving from Isolated to Embedded

Watch this webinar to learn how to move your school or district’s social and emotional learning from an isolated event to an embedded strategy.

In our webinar, Greg Wolcott, district leader, national consultant, and author explores common myths and misconceptions, addresses common hurdles and pitfalls, and provides concrete best practices to take social and emotional learning to the next level.

You will gain a clearer understanding of how schools and districts are utilizing systemwide models to ensure the success of social and emotional learning for all students.


Who is this for: Perfect for school and district leaders, teachers, Principals, SEL trainers and SEL teams



Greg Wolcott

Greg currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning in a suburb of Chicago. An educator in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years, he is passionate about developing opportunities for all students to succeed as well as finding ways for all teachers and staff members to utilize their strengths to maximize the learning of each and every child whom they interact with on a daily basis.

He has presented at the National School Board Association National Conference, the National Conference on Bullying, the ASCD Annual Conference, the NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals) Annual Conference, the Illinois ASCD Curriculum Leadership Development Network, the Illinois ASCD Conference on Learning, the Annual No Child Left Behind Conference and the ATEC (Association of Teachers of Exceptional Children) Conference in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Greg consults throughout the United States on a variety of subjects including social-emotional learning.

He is an adjunct professor in the College of Graduate and Innovate Programs at Concordia University Chicago where he instructs graduate and doctoral students on the utilization of research-informed decision making to strengthen classroom instructional practice.

Dr. Jeffrey Klein

Director of School Experience for Satchel Pulse and the former Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services in the Park Hill School District. He has held positions as teacher, school psychologist, and executive director of research, evaluation, and assessment.

He has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara as well as a Masters in Business Administration and other graduate degrees in educational leadership and school psychology. Dr. Klein is a recipient of the Missouri Governor’s Quality Leadership Award and has been widely recognized for innovative educational programs and measurement systems.


Topic: Social Emotional Learning

Type: Webinar

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