Why implement SEL in the classroom? Achieving improved behavioural and learning outcomes 

Join expert Educator and Trainer, Robin Jones-Ford, to explore how SEL can be linked to curricula like Character Education, support your Ofsted rating and improve academic and behavioural outcomes for your students.

We will also be joined by Satchel Co-Founder, Jon Tiss, who will show educators how they can use Skills by Satchel Pulse to track and assess students’ skills, provide them with meaningful support and help them achieve more both inside and outside the classroom. 

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Robin Jones-Ford
Robin Jones-Ford
Robin is an Educational Consultant and Trainer who worked in UK and US schools as a Teacher and Senior Leader for over 30 years. He has led all areas of school development as well as specialising in special education, behaviour, inclusion, trauma informed practice and CPD/Staff development, with Masters qualifications in SEND and systemic thinking.
Speaker_Jon Tiss
Jon Tiss
Jon Tiss is Satchel’s Co-Founder and Director of Sales. During his 12 years at Satchel, Jon has worked with 1000s of schools across the UK, US and Middle East, including helping Senior Leaders implement effective behaviour management and wellbeing programmes.
In this webinar, you will learn how to: 
  • Understand the impact of SEL on academic and behavioural outcomes
  • Learn how to incorporate SEL into Character Education, PSHE, Wellbeing and Mental Health curricula and policies
  • See how to implement ‘Skills’ lessons into your Behaviour Policy
  • Feel more confident using EEF backed CASEL competencies to support your students
Who is this webinar for?
  • Senior leaders looking to improve student outcomes 
  • Behaviour managers looking to explore proactive behaviour management 
  • SENDCos interested in a holistic approach to student behaviour
  • Pastoral leaders trying to understand why their students behave the way they do
  • Classroom teachers looking to support their students

Participants receive free SEL lessons and are eligible for a free student wellbeing audit as a thank you for attending!

SEL, Skills and Improving Student Outcomes

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a process that helps students develop essential life skills like emotional management, healthy relationship building and responsible decision making.

Research has shown that the numerous benefits of incorporating SEL into the classroom include improved behaviour, academic performance and mental health, making SEL the best way to achieve a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Satchel Pulse’s Skills solution uses the power of SEL to help you get to the root of student issues and understand what your students need to thrive, in the classroom and far beyond.

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