Fighting Bullying with Proactive SEL


Join school bullying expert Elizabeth Nassem and Satchel Co-Founder Jon Tiss for a discussion on bullying in UK schools and how we can proactively fight it using social emotional learning.

This webinar covers the link between the EEF backed CASEL competencies and bullying, as well as using Skills to track anti-bullying initiatives and provide students with meaningful support.

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Elizabeth Nassem
Dr Elizabeth Nassem
Dr Elizabeth Nassem is an international expert on school bullying and a Lecturer in Special Needs, Disability and Mental Health at Leeds Trinity University. She’s received international acclaim for her research on school bullying and pupil voice, as well as for her book ‘The Teacher’s Guide to Resolving School Bullying: Evidence-Based Strategies and Pupil-Led Interventions’.
Speaker_Jon Tiss
Jon Tiss
Jon Tiss is Satchel’s Co-Founder and Director of Sales. During his 12 years at Satchel, Jon has worked with 1000s of schools across the UK, US and Middle East, including helping Senior Leaders implement effective behaviour management and wellbeing programmes.
In this webinar, you will learn how to: 
  • Understand the effects of bullying in UK schools 
    Identify the links between the EEF backed CASEL competencies and bullying
  • Teach students the skills to both not bully and cope better if they are being bullied
  • Use Skills to track and measure the impact of anti-bullying initiatives
  • Understand the impact of SEL on academic and behavioural outcomes
Who is this webinar for?
  • Senior leaders looking to address bullying
  • Behaviour managers looking to proactively manage bullying
  • SENDCos interested in a holistic approach to student behaviour
  • Classroom teachers looking for more ways to support their students

Participants receive free SEL lessons and are eligible for a free student wellbeing audit as a thank you for watching!

SEL, Skills and Improving Student Outcomes

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a process that helps students develop essential life skills like emotional management, healthy relationship building and responsible decision making.

Research has shown that the numerous benefits of incorporating SEL into the classroom include improved behaviour, academic performance and mental health, making SEL the best way to achieve a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Satchel Pulse’s Skills solution uses the power of SEL to help you get to the root of student issues and understand what your students need to thrive, in the classroom and far beyond.

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