The Impact of Social Emotional Skills on Student Wellbeing


Hear from SEL expert Coach Rudy!


Watch this webinar with guest speaker Coach Rudy (R. Keeth Matheny) as he and Dr. Jeff Klein, PhD discuss the how student Social Emotional Skills impact their overall wellbeing. 

  • Learn how to help staff flip the script around student support

  • Hear how to adopt a ‘wellness model’ instead of a ‘sickness model’

Audience reviews

"Thanks Coach Rudy for this informative and optimistic session. Thank you for filtering out all the “noise” and presenting the intersection b/w SEL and Mental Health." @Ellie2721

"Great webinar today! Ready to become an anchor point adult for my students." @Ms_TeacherTeach

Watch the webinar


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R. Keeth Matheny

R. Keeth Matheny, AKA Coach Rudy, is a national award-winning teacher, author, and speaker. He is the founder of SEL Launchpad, an organization that provides actionable professional development to launch and support SEL programs in schools. Keeth is a passionate and dedicated former classroom teacher with over 25 years of experience. He now shares his SEL and teaching expertise in his book 'ExSELent Teaching: Classroom strategies to support the social, emotional, and academic growth of students'. Buy it now on Amazon.

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Dr. Jeff Klein

Director of School Experience and the former Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services in the Park Hill School District. Jeff has held positions as a teacher, school psychologist, and director of research, evaluation, and assessment. Dr. Klein is a recipient of the Missouri Governor’s Quality Leadership Award.

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