Students often forgetting basic school supplies?


Give them a school supply checklist to use at the start of each week!


This free downloadable resource for educators, parents, school counselors, and other members of school staff will help learners in Elementary and Middle school to increase their organizational skills and self-management.


What's inside

▪️ Two printer-friendly school supply checklists with room for students to add in any more items they often have to remember

▪️ One checklist is image-based and is designed for younger learners. The other is word-based and is designed for early Middle school students


How to use

▪️ Choose the checklist you feel is most appropriate for your student

▪️ Give the student the checklist to look at at the start of every week, such as every Sunday evening

▪️ Encourage them to tick off the items they've prepared for the week ahead in pencil so that the check mark can be erased later for the following week

▪️ As a bonus task, let younger learners color in the second checklist!

School Checklists for Students