Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools

Prioritising staff wellbeing and providing support in schools


Satchel is joined by mental health and education professionals for this webinar to explore how school staff can support and prioritise staff wellbeing.

Key takeaways
  • How to preserve your mental health as someone working in a school
  • Actionable initiatives that can be applied to help improve the wellbeing of school staff
  • How Satchel Pulse can be used to monitor and improve staff wellbeing


Guest speakers


Graham Landi

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Coach @landiwellbeing

Graham explores ways teachers can recognise mental health and wellbeing issues and explore different ways to support their wellbeing.

Jon Tait

Deputy CEO and Director of School Improvement at the Areté Learning Trust, @teamtait

Jon provides teachers and school leaders with actionable initiatives they can implement in school to improve the wellbeing of staff.

We are also joined by Satchel’s Head of Sales, Hannah-Mae, who will run you through how our wellbeing tool, Satchel Pulse can support your school staff's wellbeing.


This webinar is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about their own wellbeing, improving the wellbeing of their staff or discovering tools that can support school wellbeing. Teachers, school leaders and all school staff are welcome and will find information relevant to them.


Topic: Teacher wellbeing, student wellbeing, Ofsted

Type: Webinar

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