Make your culture and climate data count

Watch this webinar with Dr. Jeff Klein to learn how to use your culture and climate data to be able to make the right decisions for school improvement. Schools collect a lot of data and most of it is analyzed to see what’s happening. Some is even organized into a formal report but little of it is used for school improvement. If this is happening in your district then join us for the final webinar in our three part series focused on the importance of staff culture and climate, what data you should collect and how to make it drive improvements that count.


What you'll learn:

  • Why data goes unused
  • How to analyze your data to identify critical issues
  • How to develop effective action plans
  • How to identify and select the best strategies for your action plan


Who is it for: perfect for school and district leaders, especially those in HR, looking to improve staff culture and climate in their district.


Dr. Jeff Klein

Director of School Experience for Satchel Pulse and the former Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services in the Park Hill School District. He has held positions as teacher, school psychologist, and executive director of research, evaluation, and assessment. He has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara as well as a Masters in Business Administration and other graduate degrees in educational leadership and school psychology. Dr. Klein is a recipient of the Missouri Governor’s Quality Leadership Award and has been widely recognized for innovative educational programs and measurement systems.

Topic: Culture and Climate

Type: Webinar 

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