Implementing SEL at a District Level

Watch this webinar with guest speakers Dr. Sheldon Berman, and Lyndsey Killilea. They will share with us their expertise around implementing SEL programming and support from a district standpoint, as well as some implementation tips and common obstacles to anticipate.

View the webinar recording to learn about:

  • Best practices for implementing SEL from a district level perspective
  • Ideas around gaining support for SEL work at the building level; how to get teacher and staff buy- in
  • Recommendations for how to decide on and roll out an SEL program across your district
  • Tips for how to approach common misconceptions and misunderstandings related to SEL implementation

Guest speaker:

Dr. Sheldon Berman

Dr. Sheldon H. Berman was appointed AASA’s Lead Superintendent for Social-Emotional Learning after serving 28 years as superintendent in four districts—Hudson, MA; Jefferson County (Louisville), KY; Eugene, OR; and Andover, MA. In this role, Dr. Berman is leading AASA’s SEL Cohort of school districts and providing direct consultation and support to districts intent on deepening their SEL implementation. Sheldon Berman has been a teacher, president of a non-profit organization, and superintendent throughout his distinguished 40 year career.

Lyndsey Killilea

Lyndsey Killilea is a licensed clinical social worker (LICSW) and currently the Coordinator of Social Emotional Learning at Lowell Public Schools. Lyndsey has previously worked as a Special Education Social Worker in various school districts before taking on the role of SEL Coordinator. Lyndsey’s work reflects a passion of addressing student’s emotional and behavior needs by using student data and evidence based supports. Lyndsey conducts various Professional Development opportunities with staff through out the district enhancing their knowledge around SEL, the focus being how to embed and integrate this model whether it is at the district, school or classroom level.


Satchel Pulse speakers:

Scarlett Tannetta, M.Ed.
Scarlett Tannetta is a former high school teacher, administrator, professional development specialist and now Education Consultant at Satchel Pulse who is most passionate about providing school and district staff with meaningful learning opportunities. Scarlett was involved in the creation of the Early College Initiative program in Massachusetts, as well as participated in alignment studies surrounding state standardized testing, and was the recipient of the Sontag Prize in Urban Education. Check out Scarlett's blog posts for Satchel Pulse.

Who is this for:

Perfect for school and district leaders, teachers, Principals, SEL trainers and SEL teams

Topic: Social and Emotional Learning

Type: Webinar

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