How to choose culture and climate measures

Watch the webinar and learn how to select culture and climate measures that will give you relevant, actionable insights that you can use to drive school improvement.

What you'll learn

  • The challenges in measuring culture and climate.
  • How to begin measuring culture and climate.
  • Effective methods for measuring staff culture and climate.

  • Best practices in culture and climate measurement.

Who is it for: Perfect for school and district leaders, especially those in HR, looking to improve staff culture and climate in their district.

Dr. Jeff Klein

Director of School Experience for Satchel Pulse and the former Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services in the Park Hill School District. He has held positions as teacher, school psychologist, and executive director of research, evaluation, and assessment. He has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara as well as a Masters in Business Administration and other graduate degrees in educational leadership and school psychology. Dr. Klein is a recipient of the Missouri Governor’s Quality Leadership Award and has been widely recognized for innovative educational programs and measurement systems.

Topic: Culture and Climate

Type: Webinar

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