Equity in Social and Emotional Learning

Watch this webinar, Equity in Social and Emotional Learning,  where Satchel Pulse's Director of School Experience, Dr. Jeffrey Klein and our guest Dr. Byron McClure will discuss how without careful consideration and planning, Social and Emotional Learning initiatives can become skewed by dominant cultural norms leaving students and families feeling marginalized by cultural expectations.

You will learn:

  • The connections between SEL and equity
  • How SEL can go wrong, interfering with equity
  • How to ensure SEL initiatives compliment equity
  • Practical strategies for equitably supporting the SEL needs of all students

Who is this for:  Perfect for teachers, school and district leaders.


Guest Speaker:

Dr. Byron McClure

A National Certified School Psychologist. He received his B.S in Psychology from Hampton University and he received his Specialist in School Psychology (S.S.P) degree from Abilene Christian University. Dr. McClure is a recent graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

His doctoral dissertation was an investigation of CASEL SELect programs with minority students from high-poverty communities. He has over six years of practical experience providing psychological services, therapeutic support, and consultative services in a school setting.


Topic: Social and Emotional Learning

Type: Webinar

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