SEL, school culture, and empathy often go hand-in-hand


Demystify the relationship between SEL, culture, and empathy


This webinar focuses on empathy and how it can shift school culture and climate. Guest speaker Lisa Westman shares insights from her research, as well as strategies we can all use to be more empathetic educators. Lisa discusses the critical role practicing empathy has on school culture and social and emotional learning.

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▪️ Learn about the importance of infusing empathy into building a culture to reinforce SEL initiatives

▪️ Get inspired by new, everyday practices that bring empathy into focus and lead to better school relationships, higher job satisfaction, and a stronger school culture

▪️ Discover tips and tricks to honestly reflect on personal empathy practices

Guest speaker

▪️ Lisa Westman is an author, speaker, and consultant who regularly
works with school systems internationally to provide professional learning on student-driven differentiation, empathy as the foundation of instructional practices, standards-based learning, and implementing instructional coaching programs.

In Lisa's book, Teaching with Empathy, Lisa explores three types of empathy - affective, cognitive, and behavioral - and clarifies how they intertwine with curriculum, learning environment, equity practices, instruction and assessment, and grading and reporting.

Develop SEL and School Culture with Empathy