A Tale of Two Teachers


Entering the teaching profession is both exciting and challenging, especially for new teachers fresh out of their training programs. The transition from theory to practice can be overwhelming, and without adequate support, many educators struggle to navigate their early years in the classroom. This is where new teacher induction or mentorship programs play a vital role.

Watch this webinar and hear from Jada Johnson and Candice Pierce as they discuss their very different 1-year teaching experiences with Ashley Shannon. Topics include:

  • Differences in state and districts requirements
  • Impactful strategies that helped
  • Lasting effects of quality programming


"I owe all my joy and teaching to my mentor teacher. I don't think without her wisdom and without her helping me to find my passion I would have been able to teach."

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Our speakers

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Candice Pierce

After earning a bachelor’s degree in history from Northeastern State University, Candice went on to teach middle school at Thoreau Demonstration Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she has served for seven years. Candice is a student-centered educator who is continually seeks to propagate learning through classroom culture and is dedicated to equity and closing the achievement gap through interactive project-based learning.  Her dedication to equity Candice is passionate about community service and believes that the key to true joy is serving others and works to instill this passion in her students through school-wide community service initiatives.

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Jada Johnson

Jada is currently a Business Development Representative with Satchel Pulse and formerly an 8th grade math teacher. Her lifelong admiration for learning and aiding in the growth of others is ultimately what led her towards a career in education and now EdTech.



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Ashley Shannon

Ashley is an education specialist with over 15 years of teaching experience including music, general education, and students with significant support needs. Her passion for holistic education was at the forefront of her teaching practices and she now gets to share her love of all things SEL with Satchel Pulse.


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